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I Theory

    1) What's in a single musical tone - pitch, timbre, duration, intensity

    2) Putting two tones together: Intervals and Harmony


    3) Musical Scales and Temperament




II Instruments


Strings - Introduction


    4) The string in the Strings


    5) The rest of the Strings


    6) The air of the strings


Brass - Introduction


    7) What's not brass in Brass


    8) The brass in Brass


Woodwinds - Introduction


    9) The wind in Woodwinds


    10) The rest of the Woodwinds


Percussion - Introduction


    11) Rythmic Percussion


    12) Melodic Percussion




III Electrical Production of Sound


    12) PA systems


    13) Music recording and production




IV Room Acoustics


    14) Typical room


    15) Specialized performance spaces






First Lesson




Acoustics & Vib. Lab.